Revenco represents the human capital of more than 300 people. We are the sum of their knowledge, skills and rich and varied professional experience. Our success is based on the specialization and commitment of our teams. Thanks to the rigor and passion of each employee, we can offer exceptional service.


The story of Revenco



Electricians Alain and Yvon Drolet go into business. They partner with the Revenco company, named in honour of its activities at the time: cladding, ventilation and roofing. The two men transform the company’s vocation and, in 1991, buy out the shares of the original owners to found Revenco Inc. Revenco, in its new iteration, builds its reputation on respect for deadlines and impeccable management.


Creation of the head office

Revenco’s corporate structure and the sound management of the owners allow them to quickly gain the trust of financial institutions and surety companies. The possibility of obtaining guarantees gives the company access to large-scale projects. The head office is built in Quebec, at 1755 rue Provinciale.


New partner

To prepare for the succession within the company, Alain Drolet introduces Sebastien Ouellet as Revenco’s new partner.


Change in the presidency

Mario Landry, who was a project manager at Revenco in the 1990s and a shareholder since 2001, succeeds Alain Drolet as president of Revenco.


Merger and growth

Alex Ouellet joins the Revenco team. Other new key players arrive, including Jocelyn Beaulieu. At the end of 2013, Michael Chicoine also becomes a member of the shareholder team. The company experiences exponential growth and wins promising mandates for Quebec, such as that of Videotron Centre.


Alain Lemieux becomes president of Revenco

Mario Landry hands over the presidency to Alain Lemieux, who until then held the position of Vice President within the organization. This is the beginning of projects at the forefront of technology, such as data centers and information processing centers.


Two new players

The retirement of Marc Pednaud marks the beginning of a new reorganization of Revenco’s partners and allows the integration of Samuel Bard and Jean-Philippe St-Pierre as new owners.


30 years of rigor

Revenco is a leader in Quebec’s electricity sector. With more than 300 employees, the company can carry out complex, large-scale projects while respecting deadlines and budgets.

Mission & values

To provide cutting-edge expertise for large-scale projects and carry out complex electromechanical mandates for the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors and in specialized technological niches.


We meet challenges with panache and set ourselves apart from the competition with our detailed commissioning processes, which comply with the strictest standards.


The values that drive our actions:


Because every little sign of professionalism (punctuality, efficiency, meticulousness) is synonymous with trust. Because our attention to detail is the source of our desire to surpass ourselves.


Because it is impossible to accomplish great things without doing it from the heart. The members of our teams are involved body and soul in the success of the company. Our vitality and our desire for excellence are the engines that allow us to always move forward.


Because our clients, like our employees, will never forget how they experienced a mandate. Through our words and actions, we treat each stakeholder with respect and consideration and honour the trust of the companies that grant us their work.     

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